Saturday, 17 March 2012

DIARY OF A BAD HOUSEWIFE - Part II *Not to be confused with the "Diary of a Bad Housewife" Blog by punk feminist Alice Bag WHICH I TOTALLY DIG!!*

All I can say is my little plastic dustpan has cracked under the strain. I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find one of those old-fashioned METAL dustpans. I don't want to keep spending money over and over again on cheap plastic housecleaning equipment. There should be good ones out there.

Actually, I can say one more thing. After my daughter's crispy toasted bagel crumbs were joined on the floor today by rich dark earth scattered out of the plant in the corner, I suddenly remembered why I resisted getting a cat for so long.


  1. I here you. What was I thinking? Who needs those pesky cats.

  2. All my cats are outside - and depending on the time of year we can have seven, and then one. They're pretty wild, though. Only one of the ones we tamed two years ago is still around. Life is hard for cats at our house.