Friday, 20 May 2011


La Galerie Kenmore: Where art on the fringe meets art on the fridge.
Please excuse poor lighting; this is a kitchen and there is some glare off the sparkling white surface of my fridge. As well, some wine & cheese had already been consumed...

installation view, pencil drawings by Lori Gilbert and Emma Maki. (magnets not available for sale)

Portrait of Child by Lori Gilbert, pencil drawing  (2011)

Fairies at Work in the Landscape by Emma Maki, pencil drawing (2010)

Two Cats by Emma Maki, pencil drawing (circa 2007)

Artist/Curator's statement:

The refrigerator door, with its convenient location and size, becomes the receptacle for documents and images that describe our lives. School calendars, appointments, family photos, news clippings, garbage collection schedules, phone numbers, and of course children's drawings and school work all vie for space and attention here at the heart of the home. We may begin with the intention of organization, everything lined up just so; this is going to be a kind of family communications centre. But clutter and confusion prevail in the end. A stack of expired coupons and old to-do lists provides evidence of this ongoing slide from order into chaos.

To celebrate our activity as (unofficial) artists, and to share work both old and new, I claim this surface as a domestic/alternative/intergenerational/happening kind of place for art. Thank you for coming to view this first modest exhibition featuring black & white pencil drawings by mother and daughter. Colour will be prominent in the next showing.

Enjoy your wine & cheese!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Junk Drawer

This is one of our family junk drawers. An assortment of batteries, tools, lint brushes, pens, stray receipts, keys, Canadian Tire money, and so much more! (I hope I remembered to wipe off the handle before taking the photo...)
We have about five or six drawers like this around the house, containing different varieties of junk. One or two of them are exclusively designated for my husband's junk. Some of his junk has recently attained antique status. None of his junk may be touched, lifted, tidied, straightened up, rearranged or in any way tampered with. My art supplies junk drawer has a bottle of india ink, sketchbooks, a tin box holding all my Prismacolour pencils, pictures cut out of magazines, numerous European stamps that I collected when I worked at the LCBO, pens, erasers, and an old rolled-up drawing.

What's in your junk drawer? Do you have several, like we do? Or are you one of those people who would never have such a thing in your house? Please feel free to share the secrets of your junk drawer in the comments section.

Speaking of art supplies, and thus art, you are invited to my next post
featuring a gala opening reception for
La Galerie Kenmore
Photographic refreshments will be served
 and of course you are welcome to bring your own wine & cheese