Friday, 6 January 2012

Star Trek vs. Space 1999

Star Trek: The Swinging Sixties
Space 1999: The Suck-a-delic Seventies

That's basically what it comes down to. The original Star Trek series may be a giant intergalactic ham and cheese sandwich, but it's fun, colourful, made by people who know how to do T.V. Space 1999 is kind of like Shaft Goes To Outer Space, Loses his Sense of Fashion, His Sense of Humour, His Mojo, and Everything Else Worth Having. He puts on his beige jumpsuit and platform shoes and heads straight to the nearest disco, where he collapses on a biege sofa in the sterile lounge of the Moon-base Alfalfa Sprout. Ladies with feathered hair and bad lip-gloss look on blandly from the computer display screen. Captain Kirk's mascara would be running right down into his snarling teeth.

Space 1999 is dull, beige, and made by people who do not know how to do T.V.... perhaps the British. It's hard to tell, nobody speaks clearly enough to have a discernible accent.

Ahh, yes, feels good to have the first rant of 2012 out of my system. Stay tuned for my next post, which will feature a FREE STORY originally appearing in Writer's Digest Holiday Story Exchange 2011. The stories exchanged were posted in a private blog open only to those who participated, so that we could guess who wrote which story, and to keep everybody's stuff private. But I'm very pleased with my story and want to share it. Is my self-satisfaction merited? Only you, my faithful reader(s) can say.