Friday, 9 December 2011

La Galerie Kenmore presents Turkeys and Ancestors

Installation View
  The installation view above shows a lively landscape with turkeys by my daughter. For some time, I had this painting/collage which includes sequins, hanging upside down on her wall. I had not realized those were turkeys, and thought it was a sort of stormy sky with two suns beaming down... or something. This piece is displayed together with my linocut image of water buffalo with skinny stick-figure primitive huntresses because both use strong, basic colour, both have a dark energy, and both feature bold, graphic animal shapes. The French class worksheet, La Chat et la Lune also happened to be on the fridge, because I love the cartoon drawings she did for this school assignment.

Hunting with the Ancestors, Linocut by Lori Gilbert
 I continue to be interested in goddess-type, ancient-looking female imagery, but these would be the skinniest I've ever drawn. This linocut was successful for me because everything worked well together and the registration for the three different colours was probably the best I managed to do, or will be likely to manage in the future.

Turkeys in a Landscape, mixed media by Emma Maki
La Chat et la Lune, school worksheet, Emma Maki
Note the details, such as the moon looking in the direction of the action in each scene, the expressiveness of the cat's tail, the double-head of the cat indicated that it is looking all around as the dog says, "What's happening?"

Hope you enjoy La Galerie Kenmore's latest exhibition. In my next post, I'm thinking of doing a rant about why Space: 1999 was such a dogawful show.